Operating since 2019, Fantastic Mess Records (FMR) is an independent and boutique record label that supports independent Australian artists on both the 7” and LP Vinyl format, with limited-edition releases that always feature previously unreleased and lost tracks.

The label is also focused on delving deep into the archives of Punk/New Wave/Indie Pop/Garage Rock’n’Roll and Experimental Noise Rock to offer up songs that have been recorded and mostly forgotten, by bands and singers who existed but flew too far under the radar to make their mark in their active eras.
FMR digs into the stories of the bands and people involved and offers up artwork, photos, detailed notes and lost ephemera from the period, whether it be the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s.
Care is taken with audio restoration and packaging, while all records are hand-numbered in micro-editions on colour vinyl with an array of inserts and often placed in custom-made jackets.
2020-2021 will be a very active time of discography building and diverse releases as the label takes shape and momentum grows.

Before the birth of FMR, its founder Scotti Henthorn was a big part of contemporaneous record label Buttercup Records, where he helped to release approximately 50 LP’s and 7” records.
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